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  • Hydie


    “We all live under the same sky.” It’s an Italian saying about unity and what inspired my works for my solo show “Sky” for Corey Helford Gallery. My theme was the human rainbow and loving each other’s uniqueness.

    “Hydie” is a product of this beautifully diverse world. I wanted to show a girl born of numerous heritages. The body of the dragon is a South American feathered dragon a Quetzalcoatl, the blue dragon is Japanese Dragon, the yellow dragon is a golden Chinese Dragon, and the green dragon is an English scaled dragon. She doesn't see the world through her eyes; she experiences the world through her cultural backgrounds. In my way, I wanted to show that we can be connected in many ways. We are all a mingling of many facets of humanity and should embrace it.

    Lasal paper is bright white smooth paper with a medium thickness (230gsm)
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