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  • September Vault Print- Fishbowl


    The September winner is here!

    “Fishbowl" marked one of several firsts for me! My first time painting a seabunny (Please google them, they are amazing!), a dumbo octopus, and she was part of my first solo exhibition at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome. You could add Fishbowl to your existing art collection, or maybe she'll be your first print!

    Want to have a voice in what print gets released? You have until the 28th to vote each month! All you have to do is sign up to any of my Patreon teirs on Patreon.com/camilladerrico

    My Vault print is available as an unsigned lasal print during September- Then once the month is over it will returns to the Vault. So don’t miss out!

    You also get access to exclusive art, coloring pages and so much more on my Patreon you should really check it out!

    Lasal paper is bright white smooth paper with a medium thickness (230gsm)

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