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    • Image of 14x18" LTD EDITION Where The Wild Things Squirm
    • Image of 14x18" LTD EDITION Where The Wild Things Squirm

    14x18" LTD EDITION Where The Wild Things Squirm


    The original plan for this print edition was to have it head to ECCC and they would be hand embellished, signed, numbered and come with certificates of authenticity.

    But then the world exploded. And all foreseeable plans have come to an end. So while I'm still hopeful for ECCC in August - I'm not gunna count my chickens before they hatch! lol

    So this print edition is special because it is a never before printed size for this image. However they are NOT embellished or signed.

    If ECCC does go forward in August - I'll either release another 25, embellished, numbered and signed as intended - OR go with another idea completely! I'm crazy like that! lol Either way you'll be one of 25-50 people to own this size of "Where the Wild Things Squirm"! It'll make you even more special than you already are.

    - Printed on Entrada (the rolls royce of art paper!)
    -UNsigned - sorry! :(

    This painting is titled "Where The Wild Things Squirm", and is a play on words with one of my favorite childhood book titles. All of us have an inner child. Mine loves to play with color, make animal friends, and imagine the most fantastical things like huge helmets as light as a cloud, and flowing rainbow hair. Where The Wild Things Squirm would love to come for a playdate as a new print in your collection!

    ***PLEASE NOTE: Please order your custom hand-signed prints SEPARATELY from any other merchandise or unsigned prints.
    ** If you order a hand-signed print with any other prints or merchandise the other items will NOT ship until the hand-signed print can be shipped (in up to 6-8 business weeks).
    *If you do not wish to wait - please order signed prints separately so they can be shipped separately.

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