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    • Image of The Beekeeper
    • Image of The Beekeeper

    The Beekeeper


    The Beekeeper is a painting I created in 2013 for my Spilled Milk exhibition. I hear a lot of interpretations, and I love when my art speaks to people in different ways. For me, The Beekeeper is a warning to be conscious of our impact on the environment, and our responsibility to it. Honeybees (and many pollenators) are negatively affected because of our actions, and if we're not careful, we'll lose our natural world. And all that we'll have left of it are imitations, like The Beekeeper's white porcelain stag. I keep The Beekeeper's message close to my heart, and maybe she'll find a place in yours too!

    -Signed prints are made in Vancouver, Canada, and take 4-6 weeks production time due to shipping internationally for signing. Unsigned prints may take 1-3 weeks. I promise it'll be worth it to have my personal signature!

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