Sketched Helmetgirls Artbook


Continue the journey into the mysterious and breathtaking art world of Camilla d'Errico in this 112 page art book. One of her most recognized character universes, Helmetgirls, features wide eyed girls merged with gravity defying steampunk mechanical imagery. Camilla explores elegant and graceful, strong and stylized juxtapositions of female form and grace with her signature art techniques. From pen and ink drawings to colorful oil paintings this collection also features her signature black and white acrylic paintings that have distinguished her art style.

Purchase your copy of Helmetgirls with an original Camilla sketch inside the cover. These books are pre-sketched with a unique drawing inside (Sorry, requests aren't an option) and limited to a handful of copies available. See the sketch image below for an example of a Camilla sketch.

-Original Helmetgirl themed sketch inside the cover
-Forward by Travis Louie
-112 Pages colour and Black & White
-8.5x11" Hardcover Format
-Contains some artistic nudity

Please note orders placed after 04/19/17 will ship after 05/01/17