Mystery Mini Print Bundle


Camilla releases mystery bundles containing 11x14" print images retired from The Camilla Store. Each bundle contains a total of 4 prints; 1 being hand-signed, along with a bonus sticker, keychain, teeny print, or temporary tattoo.

Bundles may contain some images previewed here, or mystery images not displayed on The Camilla Store. Bundles are randomly selected, and without containing doubles of the same image, from a total of 12-15 images. No two bundles will be the same.Collect yours before they disappear!

-11x14" sized paper
-Contains images retired from The Camilla Store. Retired prints may have minor blemishes.
-1 hand-signed print per bundle
-Lasal paper is a medium stock (230gsm) paper from the Moab family. Many open editions & prints found at Camilla's convention events are made with lasal paper.

Please note orders placed after 04/19/17 will ship after 05/01/17