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    • Image of Minerva
    • Image of Minerva



    *PLEASE NOTE: Please order your custom hand-signed prints SEPARATELY from any other merchandise or unsigned prints.
    ** If you order a hand-signed print with any other prints or merchandise the other items will NOT ship until the hand-signed print can be shipped (in up to 6-8 business weeks).
    *If you do not wish to wait - please order signed prints separately so they can be shipped separately.

    "Minerva" is a painting I created for my Submerged solo exhibition collection at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome, Italy. She was actually my first time creating a portrait of a girl in all monochrome! This was an interesting challenge I set for myself, and meant I needed to put extra focus on my blending and lighting. At first I imagined her as an all black&white painting, but when it came to the butterflies- I couldn't help myself! I love color! And I know you'll love Minerva in your collection, too.

    Lasal paper is bright white smooth paper with a medium thickness (230gsm)
    Entrada paper is a thick lightly textured fine art cotton paper (300gsm). This is a beautiful upgrade from a print to a fine art print.

    -Signed prints are made in Vancouver, Canada, and may take 6-8 weeks production time due to shipping internationally for signing. Unsigned prints may take 1-3 weeks. I promise it'll be worth it to have my personal signature!

    *Custom Print orders are not eligible for cancellation once printed
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