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    • Image of Hydie
    • Image of Hydie



    “Hydie” is part of my SKY solo show.

    “We all live under the same sky.” It’s an Italian saying about unity. We all share the same planet. We are all human no matter how different we look. So that’s the theme of my new show. It’s about the human rainbow and loving each other’s uniqueness.

    The world has become globalized. People from all over the world are meeting and marrying. They are creating multi-cultured children who then go on to have children with other children of multiple races. Hydie is a product of this beautifully diverse world. I wanted to show a girl born of numerous heritages. These are dragons from all over the world, and each one has its individual characteristics. The body of the dragon is a South American feathered dragon a Quetzalcoatl, the blue dragon is Japanese Dragon, the yellow dragon is a golden Chinese Dragon, and the green dragon is an English scaled dragon. She doesn't see the world through her eyes; she experiences the world through her cultural backgrounds. In my way, I wanted to show that we can be connected in many ways. In this day and age, no one can say that they are the product of one race or culture, we are a mingling of many facets of humanity and should embrace it.

    -When you order a print of one of my SKY solo show collection images, your package will include one of the 3D Butterflies from my SKY Gallery installation!

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