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    • Image of ChiBEEusa- Unsigned 4"x6" Mini Print
    • Image of ChiBEEusa- Unsigned 4"x6" Mini Print

    ChiBEEusa- Unsigned 4"x6" Mini Print


    "For love and justice. I'm the BEE-utiful girl soldier in training, Sailor ChiBEE moon! In a place of the future moon, I'll punish you!"

    I just LOVE the Sailor Moon series and I had a blast painting Sailor ChiBEE Moon! SHe'll look absolutely darling with the Sailor Buzz print! hehe You can take her home now and have your own warrior of love and pollen to keep you safe!

    -Open edition
    -Printed on Lasal Paper(Lasal paper is a beautiful, smooth, bright white paper.)

    ***PLEASE NOTE: Please order your custom hand-signed prints SEPARATELY from any other merchandise or unsigned prints.
    ** If you order a hand-signed print with any other prints or merchandise the other items will NOT ship until the hand-signed print can be shipped (in up to 6-8 business weeks).
    *If you do not wish to wait - please order signed prints separately so they can be shipped separately.

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