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    • Image of Buzzicorn- Unsigned Capricorn Bee 4x6 print

    Buzzicorn- Unsigned Capricorn Bee 4x6 print


    Meet my swarm of my BUZZIACS the Zodiac Bees!
    All 12 of them are now available as a 4"x6" UNSIGNED mini-print ⭐️

    ♑︎ Buzzicorn

    The Goat
    December 22 - January 19

    Capricorns are patient, intelligent and practical who help others often. Stability and order are essential to them, which makes them fabulous organizers and influential leaders. Capricorn's are detail oriented, so I wanted to represent their personalities playfully by detailing the horns in the colours of their wintery month. I also tied the girl’s hair in a creative bow to showcase the fastidiousness of the sign. I nicknamed my painting “Krampicorn”, after the devilish Krampus.

    -Open edition
    -Printed on Lasal Paper(Lasal paper is a beautiful, smooth, bright white paper.)

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