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    • Image of ArBees- Unsigned Aries Bee 4x6 print

    ArBees- Unsigned Aries Bee 4x6 print


    Meet my swarm of my BUZZIACS!
    All 12 of them are now available as a 4"x6" UNSIGNED mini-print ⭐️

    The Ram
    March 21 - April 19

    Aries are often dynamic and full of positive energy. They look for challenges and adventures. They are filled with youthful enthusiasm and intense drive, which makes them strong leaders that can light a person's passion. I wanted to show an Aries that sits atop of her fierce spirit animal, cradling her inner child carefully. She may not see the turmoil ahead, but her sense of adventure clothes her in a flurry of colour and brightness.

    -Open edition
    -Printed on Lasal Paper(Lasal paper is a beautiful, smooth, bright white paper.)

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